Perth Scorchers Membership Terms & Conditions

All Perth Scorchers Memberships are subject to the following terms and conditions. By registering as a Perth Scorchers Member, you agree to be bound to these terms and conditions.

1. Definitions

  • “Perth Scorchers” is an entity of the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) (ABN 44 026 744 769) of PO Box 6045, EAST PERTH, WA 6892
  • “BBL” means the men’s Big Bash League competition played under the auspices and control of Cricket Australia.
  • “BBL|08” and “WBBL|04” refers to the Big Bash men’s and women’s seasons that are currently expected to commence on or around December 2018 and conclude on or around February 2019.
  • “Cricket Australia” means Cricket Australia (ABN 53 006 089 130) of 60 Jolimont Street, Jolimont, VIC 3002.
  • “Optus Stadium” means Optus Stadium of PO Box 113, Burswood, WA 6100.
  • “Member” means a person who has joined and fully paid for a Membership with the Perth Scorchers for the duration of the Membership in the applicable BBL season.
  • “Registration Page” means the sign-up page to become a Membership of the Perth Scorchers located at or such other Membership registration page or form (either electronic or paper) nominated by Perth Scorchers.
  • “State Associations” means a state association Membership of Cricket Australia.
  • “You” or “your” means the individual person who is designated as the Member in the completed Registration Page that is completed online at or through information provided to Perth Scorchers via phone, mail, fax, email or in person.
  • “WACA” means the Western Australian Cricket Association, located at Gate 2, Nelson Crescent, East Perth WA.
  • “WBBL” means the women’s Big Bash League competition played under the auspices and control of Cricket Australia.

2. Membership

Membership of the Perth Scorchers is open to individuals and families, including employees of the Western Australian Cricket Association and Cricket Australia.

Perth Scorchers reserves the right to refuse any application. Perth Scorchers also reserves the right to suspend or cancel any Membership, without refund, if the Perth Scorchers determines that the relevant Member is in breach of any of these terms and conditions.

2.1 Purchase of Membership

Perth Scorchers has the right to accept or reject any registration for Membership of Perth Scorchers at its sole and discretion. It is entitled to reject registration even after payment for Memberships has been processed and confirmation of Membership registration has been provided. In the event rejection occurs after payment is received Perth Scorchers may refund the relevant Membership fee to the applicant.

Perth Scorchers will not process any registration that has not completed all mandatory fields where indicated on the registration page or relevant application forms.

If you register:

  • Online for Perth Scorchers Membership at, your registration will be successful on an interim basis if a confirmation message appears on your screen or;
  • Over the phone or in person for Perth Scorchers, you will receive a confirmation email to the registered email address.

2.2 Renewal of Membership

By renewing (making payment) season seats in any year, Members are agreeing to the 2018-19 Ground Entry Conditions and/or seating change requests as displayed on any Perth Scorchers affiliated website (e.g. or and as updated by Perth Scorchers from time to time. Each Member should review these terms prior to seeking any renewal.

2.3 Term of Membership

Subject to the terms and conditions of Membership as outlined in this document and additionally as further advised by Perth Scorchers from time to time, your Perth Scorchers Membership will entitle you to the benefits of your selected Membership solely for the season it has been purchased for.

The Membership is purchased for the BBL|08 season only. As such, the BBL|08 Membership benefits will cease on 30 September 2019. The price of a BBL|08 Membership will not be reduced on the basis that an applicant wishes to take up a Membership at any point once the season is underway.

2.4 Membership Categories

Perth Scorchers Membership categories are outlined below. The Perth Scorchers may add or remove Membership categories or amend benefits at its discretion at any time.

  • Sports Lounge
  • A Reserve
  • B Reserve
  • C Reserve
  • D Reserve
  • Spark

2.5 Membership Pricing Types

  • Adult – aged 18 years or over and do not hold Concession status.
  • Concession – holds a valid form of Concession as outlined in clause 2.7.1 of these terms and conditions.
  • Junior – between 4 and 17 years of age as of 1 December 2018.
  • Family – Family Memberships are available in multiple combinations, a total of five Memberships are permitted on a family package. Family options are available for the following:
    • 1 Adult, 2 Juniors
    • 1 Adult, 3 Juniors
    • 2 Adults, 2 Juniors
    • 2 Adults, 3 Juniors

Family pricing will vary based on the combination and category chosen.

2.6 Junior Memberships

Junior Members must be aged four (4) to seventeen (17) years as at 1 December 2018 to be eligible for Junior priced Membership in BBL|08. A date of birth must be supplied for all Junior Membership applicants and ID must be presented at the match, if requested, to confirm date of birth.

Please note that if a parent/guardian purchases a Reserved Seat Membership for their child, an additional Reserved Seat Membership must be purchased for any parents/guardians.

Children aged three (3) or under are admitted free into the venue only if they do not occupy a dedicated seat in a reserved area. They will need to sit on the lap of a parent or guardian in these areas. The parent/guardian is responsible for the child whilst in and around the venue. Children must not sit in aisles or run/move around to the detriment of other attendees. If you wish for a child under four (4) years old to occupy a reserved seat, then a Junior Reserved Seat Membership must be purchased.

2.7 Concession Memberships

Any Member eligible for or considering a Concession Membership must provide a copy of their Concession ID.

Concession Cards must have an expiry date and must be valid for the entirety of the relevant Big Bash League season.

Concession Memberships purchased without proof of Concession will be accepted, however Memberships will not be fulfilled or posted until Concession ID has been sighted and accepted by Membership Services.

Entry to a venue may be prevented if Concession Members do not have their Concession Card with them at the relevant match/event.

Eligible Concession Cards that expire during the Big Bash League season are ineligible to receive Concession status on Membership.

If a Member’s Concession is cancelled during the Big Bash League season, the Membership will be required to upgrade to a full Adult Membership and pay the difference between the Concession rate and full Adult Membership rate.

Members who have purchased an Adult Membership and later obtain a valid Concession Card cannot downgrade their Membership to a Concession prior to or during the relevant Big Bash League season.

2.7.1    Valid Forms of Concession

  • Full time Australian Student Cardholder (must have photo ID)
  • Department of Veteran Affairs & TPI, or;
  • Personal Treatment Entitlement Card, or;
  • Pensioner Concession Card; or
  • Health Care Card. Student Concession Eligibility

Full time students are eligible for Concession rates on Membership, namely:

  • Full-time Secondary School Students, or;
  • Full-time Tertiary Students. Tertiary Student identification must state that the student is full-time. If not, the student must provide supporting documentation from the enrolled school proving full-time status. Dependents

Dependents listed on a pension card are not eligible for Concession Membership unless they hold their own pension card. The person issued the pension card is the only person eligible for a Concession Membership.

 2.7.2 Change of Personal Details

The Member is responsible for notifying Perth Scorchers should their personal details change, including the withdrawal of Concession status, contact details or any other relevant information that could affect the Member’s Membership with Perth Scorchers.

2.8 Companion Memberships

2.8.1 Companion Membership Application

Companion Memberships are available to Members who hold a match access Membership and a valid Companion Card. In order to receive a Companion Membership:

  • The Companion Card holder must have purchased a current season match access Perth Scorchers Membership; and
  • Must have a current, valid Companion Card.

To obtain the Companion Membership, you must apply directly to Perth Scorchers and provide a copy of the current Companion Card.

Perth Scorchers will:

  • Process a Companion Membership (the adult equivalent of the Membership purchased by the Member); and
  • Issue the Companion Membership in the name of the Member (it cannot be processed under another individual’s name).

Companion Memberships can only be used when the paying Perth Scorchers Member is in attendance. Companion Membership will consist of just a Membership Card – no additional fulfilment will be provided. Companion Membership do not qualify for any other Membership benefits.

2.8.2 Companion Card Holder Finals Tickets

If Perth Scorchers qualify for any BBL Finals matches, Companion Card holders must contact the nominated ticketing agent directly to organise a Companion Ticket. A Companion Ticket will be issued to the equivalent of the Ticket the Member has purchased, if available.

3. Membership Renewals

3.1 Renewal Notifications

Season seat renewals may be offered to Members subject to availability, and if offered, Perth Scorchers will endeavour to offer a season seat renewal in each year to those who have held season seats in the previous year. This offer will be at the discretion of Perth Scorchers and it is not guaranteed, with Perth Scorchers reserving the right to these seats at all times. Should the Perth Scorchers not be able to offer a same seat renewal, the option of alternative seating may be offered at Perth Scorchers discretion. Renewal notifications for Memberships and season seats will be sent via email to the Member’s registered email address. It is the responsibility of the Member to follow up on renewal communications, which may not have been received, and ensure the Perth Scorchers have correct contact details at all times.

3.2 Renewal Due by Date

The renewal due by date for Members to retain reserved seats from the previous season will vary from season to season. Failure to renew season reserved seats by the specified due date will lead to the Member forfeiting his or her right to retain the previous season’s seats. Members may be reminded via email to renew by a specific date to retain previous season’s reserved seat, however, it is the responsibility of Members to make their own enquiries about renewals. Members will not receive personal renewal reminders or follow ups via mail, email or phone if seats have not been renewed by the due date.

3.3 Late Renewals

The acceptance of any late renewal will be determined solely by Perth Scorchers in its discretion. In such cases where late renewals are offered, late fees may be applicable. Alternatively, if a late renewal is not accepted, Members will be required to re-apply for reserved seating as a new applicant. Members renewing after the renewal date where accepted will have new seats allocated.

Perth Scorchers reserve the right to change any Member’s allocated reserved seat where required by the relevant venue owners or hirers, Cricket Australia, or Perth Scorchers. Where practical, the Perth Scorchers will try to accommodate any changes within the same seating bay as previously allocated. A late renewal of seat will not allow a Member to renew his or her previous season’s seat.

4. Match Access

Perth Scorchers Memberships provide access to Big Bash League home only, as outlined by Membership category and do not grant access into any Finals matches or matches other than home BBL matches.

4.1 BBL

4.1.1 Reserved Seat Memberships (A-D Reserve) Home Games

Reserved Seat Members will be allocated a seat in the area that aligns with their selected Membership category at Perth Scorchers home games at Optus Stadium which will be printed on their Membership Card. A maximum of one home seat per Membership will be allocated. Access to home matches is guaranteed. Seat Ownership

Venue seating remains the property of the Western Australian Cricket Association and is made available to Perth Scorchers to offer a renewal arrangement to Members on a year by year basis for Perth Scorchers home games only. Season seat holders do not hold any rights to access their season seat for any other events or matches apart from home games as specified by Perth Scorchers within the Big Bash League season. This access does not extend to any Big Bash League Finals or other cricket matches.

100% viewing of the game and stadium is not guaranteed from any category of seating. Any seat classified as restricted viewing will be determined by Perth Scorchers, with any such seat being charged at the standard price category of that location, or being charged an otherwise predetermined amount, at the Perth Scorchers discretion. Any seat classified as either undercover or underneath a roofline does not guarantee protection from any weather conditions or any elements.

Seat holders are required to purchase a Membership for every season seat held/renewed.

4.1.2 Sports Lounge Membership

Sports Lounge Members have access to the exclusive Sports Lounge at Optus Stadium for all seven Perth Scorchers home games. Seating is reserved is, a maximum of one home seat per Membership will be allocated.

4.1.3 Spark Membership

Spark Memberships do not include match access to Perth Scorchers home matches. If a Spark Member wishes to attend any match, they will need to purchase tickets through the authorised ticketing agent.

4.2 WBBL

Perth Scorchers WBBL matches vary between free and paid entry as determined by the Perth Scorchers.

4.2.1 No Entry Fee Applicable

For WBBL matches held at Lilac Hill and at the WACA no entry fee is applicable and Members can enter the venue without presenting their Membership Card.

 4.2.2 BBL-WBBL Double Headers

Where a Perth Scorchers WBBL match forms part of a double-header (i.e. both matches are played on the same day at the same venue, one after the other), Members have the same entitlements and seating to the match as their BBL home match entitlements and must present their Membership Card to access the match.

4.3 BBL Finals

Perth Scorchers Membership does not include tickets to Big Bash League Finals. Eligible Members may have access to pre-purchase tickets to the Semi Final and Final if the Perth Scorchers participates.

 4.3.1 KFC Big Bash League Semi Finals

If the Perth Scorchers qualify to participate in a match that is deemed by Cricket Australia to be a Semi-Finals match (“Semi-Final match”), then certain Members may be provided with the opportunity to obtain a ticket during a priority access period. If a priority access period is available, Members will be provided with a unique password to use to access tickets in this pre-sale period. Any tickets remaining after the priority access period will then be made available to the general public.

The details of the priority access period, including dates, times and requirements, will be communicated to those certain Members via email in the lead up to this period. As there is a very short timeframe between the Final home and away matches and the Semi-Final matches, Members should regularly check their emails and/or the Perth Scorchers website for communications for finals details and updates.

4.3.2 Big Bash League Final

The details of the priority access period (if any), including dates, times and requirements, will be communicated to certain Members via email in the lead up to this period.

As there is a very short timeframe between the Semi-Final matches and the Final match, Members should regularly check their emails and/or the Perth Scorchers website for communications for Finals details and updates.

If there is no result in the Final, refunds (if any) will be issued solely in accordance with the Cricket Australia Big Bash League Refund Policy.

5. Membership Transfers

Members can apply to transfer seats to another Perth Scorchers Member/person during the renewal period subject to the discretion of Perth Scorchers. Members who wish to transfer their seat must put their request in writing and the Member/person to whom they are transferring their seats must hold or purchase a Reserved Seat Membership in the aligning Membership tier. If a seating transfer is granted, the appropriate renewal fee must be paid by the due date. Seat transfers will not be accepted after the renewal due date or once fulfilment has been processed.

A maximum of one seat per Membership can be allocated.

5.1 Reserved Seat Changes

Seat changes and upgrades will be made available to renewing Members subject to availability. To be eligible for a change of seating, Members must apply at the time of renewing their Membership through the seating request form on Applications will be accepted subject to any terms stipulated on the Membership information section located on and only up until the renewal due date. Seat changes are available on a one-for-one basis only. Members cannot transfer a seat to another person/Member and then apply for a seat change. Once a seat is transferred the original seat holder no longer holds renewing seat holder rights and as such is required to apply for any seating as a new seat applicant. Members who have received a seat via a transfer are not eligible in the year of transfer to apply for a seat swap. Members wishing to be processed as a group swap must lodge all applications together. After lodgement, if additional Members wish to join a group swap, the original application will become invalid and a new application number will be issued according to the date of the lodgement of the last Member. Amendments to an application will not be accepted after the due by date or once an application has been processed. If a group of existing Members wish to add another Member to their seating group, they may need to move their seating location in order to accommodate the request.

Reserved seating changes will not be accepted once the BBL season has commenced.

6. Additional Membership Benefits & Events

6.1 Accessing Membership Events

Perth Scorchers and the WACA host a number of events each season and Members’ access to these events is based on the type of Membership purchased. In order to receive access to Members events, Members must be current season financial Members at the time of each event registration period and must RSVP to events within the required timeframes. Dates and times vary and are subject to change at the discretion of Perth Scorchers without any liability to Members.

7. Pricing

7.1 General

Perth Scorchers reserves the right to increase prices and/or to determine and change the price category of seats at its discretion at any time. Perth Scorchers reserves the right to re-configure or change the seating layout and or the bay/stand design in conjunction with venue management at its discretion at any time. Perth Scorchers is not obliged to notify or seek approval from seat holders or Members to make changes to seating or surrounding areas.

All pricing is correct at the time of publication but may change at any time at the discretion of Perth Scorchers.

7.2 Family Pricing

Family Memberships are available in multiple combinations and pricing will be based on the specific family combination chosen. Please see clause 2.4 of these terms and conditions for family combinations available.

7.3 Price Freeze

Where Perth Scorchers offers a price freeze period in any season, Memberships must be purchased and paid for in full during the price freeze period. If a Membership is paid outside of this period the price freeze pricing is not applicable and the full price will apply.

8. Transferability & On-selling

8.1 Transferability

Perth Scorchers Memberships are transferable, provided they are transferred to individuals at the equivalent entry level or lower.  For example:

  • Adult Memberships may be transferred to individuals of Adult, Concession, or Junior status.
  • Concession Memberships may be transferred to individuals who hold Concession status, as per the conditions outlined in this document. Concession Memberships may also be transferred to Juniors.
  • Junior Memberships may only be transferred to Juniors.

To upgrade a Concession or Junior Membership to an adult, please contact the Perth Scorchers team prior to the match day.

Any Membership that is transferred to an ineligible individual is invalid and may be confiscated upon entry and will not be returned. A replacement fee will be applicable for any such Memberships card to be reissued.

8.2 On-selling

Perth Scorchers Memberships (including but not limited to Membership cards, e-Membership cards, e-tickets and Member area passes) remain the property of Perth Scorchers and may not be sold, on-sold (including via online auction sites), licensed, sub-licensed or used in connection with any advertising, promotional or other commercial purposes or activities (including competitions and trade promotions) without the prior written consent of the Perth Scorchers, which may be withheld in its discretion or which may be provided on any terms determined by Perth Scorchers in its discretion. If a Membership or ticket is sold, on-sold, licensed, sub-licensed or used in breach of these terms and conditions, the Membership and/or tickets may be cancelled without any refund and the Member or bearer of the ticket may be refused admission to any matches or events. Perth Scorchers reserves the right to cancel the offending Member’s Perth Scorchers Membership without refund or any further liability.

9. Privacy and Terms of Use of Perth Scorchers Website

9.1 Privacy

Perth Scorchers, Cricket Australia and State or Territory cricket associations, including the Big Bash League teams (together, “Australian Cricket”), collects your personal information to communicate with you in relation to information and offers from Australian Cricket and to provide Australian Cricket’s products and services.

By providing your personal information you agree it will be disclosed to, and used by, Australian Cricket under the terms of this statement and Australian Cricket’s Privacy Policy (at, which contains information about how you may access and seek to correct your personal information or complain about a breach of your privacy, and how Australian Cricket will deal with that complaint.

Australian Cricket may disclose your personal information to other parties, including Australian Cricket’s commercial partners and third party service providers, who may be located (and so your personal information may be disclosed) overseas, including in India, the USA and the UK, and other countries from time to time. If you elect to receive offers and information, Australian Cricket may use and disclose your personal information to those third parties for direct marketing purposes.

You may choose not to provide the Perth Scorchers with certain information, though this may affect the service that you receive and may prevent Perth Scorchers from fulfilling your Membership.  As such you accept any impact or loss of rights due to that choice.

9.2 Opting out of Communications

Members may remove themselves from any Member mail and email communications at any time by following one of the following options:

  • Following the relevant unsubscribe instructions contained in any electronic communication which you receive from Perth Scorchers;
  • Writing to Perth Scorchers at PO Box 6045, East Perth WA 6892 to the attention of “Membership” requesting cancellation of any email, or mail communications;
  • Emailing Perth Scorchers at requesting cancellation of any email, or mail communications; or
  • Contacting the Perth Scorchers Membership Office on 08 9265 7279.

9.3 Website Terms of Use

At any time you enter Perth Scorchers website or or any other website of Perth Scorchers), you agree to be bound by the terms governing use of the website that are in force at that time.

10. Auto Renew

Perth Scorchers offers Members an auto renew functionality to allow the automatic renewal of their Membership year on year. Members will be notified 10 days prior to debit date with the option to opt out of the auto renew program. Payment will be one full payment or 3 payment instalments debited as elected by the Member via the Member’s nominated credit/debit card recorded in their Member account.

 10.1 Payment Terms

By paying for Membership via auto renew, Members accept full responsibility for:

  • The accuracy and truth of the account details they have provided and responsibility for notifying Perth Scorchers should the expiry date change; and
  • Ensuring that there are sufficient clear funds available in the nominated account on the scheduled drawing date.

If a debit is returned or dishonoured by the Member’s financial institution an email will be sent requesting immediate payment. Any fees levied to the Member by the financial institution will be payable by the Member and Perth Scorchers accepts no liability for such fees.

11. Membership Refunds & Cancellations Information

Memberships are non-refundable. Once a Perth Scorchers Membership has been purchased, Perth Scorchers is under no obligation to provide a cancellation or refund, except where required by law or in accordance with these terms and conditions.

11.1 Refunds

Full refunds of season reserved seating may be offered at Perth Scorchers discretion, however, for the avoidance of doubt, refunds will not be available after the commencement of the Big Bash League season.

Any requests for cancellation or refund must be provided in writing to the Perth Scorchers Membership Manager at

11.2 Cancellations

Cancellation of an application will be accepted providing the application has not been processed.

Perth Scorchers may cancel your Membership of Perth Scorchers at any time in its discretion in the event Perth Scorchers determines that you have breached any of these terms and conditions or any of the policies, terms and conditions or policy statements of these terms and conditions.  Perth Scorchers is not required to give any reason for such cancellation.

Any requests for cancellation or refund need to be put in writing to the Membership Manager at

11.3 Transferred Matches

Cricket Australia reserves the right to transfer scheduled home BBL08 matches from Optus Stadium to any other venue. A “first-in-basis” seating area or equivalent reserved seat will be allocated to all patrons who hold a reserved seat at the venue from where the match is being transferred.

11.4 No Result

Perth Scorchers Members may be eligible for a 20% discount off their BBL|09 Membership if there is no result in any of the Perth Scorchers BBL home matches during the home and away part of the BBL|08 season. This discount is only available if:

  • Less than 6 overs were played during the whole home match; and
  • There was no result recorded in the home match.

AND subject always to the following;

  • This discount applies to match access Membership only. For the avoidance of doubt, Spark Members do not qualify for a discount;
  • Membership for the BBL|09 needs to be the equivalent category and price type to the Member’s BBL|08 Membership;
  • Members will only be entitled to this discount if they do not renew for the BBL|09 season;
  • This discount will not apply in the event that the Member has a Membership that permits match attendance at a specified number of home matches (e.g. 2 or 4) and that Member did attend that number of home matches in respect of which there was a result (e.g. in the event the Member has purchased a General Admission – 2 Game Membership and he or she attends two matches that are not ‘no result’ matches, then irrespective of whether other home matches result in a ‘no result’, this discount will not apply); and
  • The discount is capped at 20% – if multiple home games have no result, a maximum total of 20% will be subtracted from their BBL|09 Membership fee.

The discount and application of discount to Membership packages will be communicated by Perth Scorchers prior to the BBL|09 season if a no result is recorded during the BBL|08 season on the terms described above.

Please note that this discount is applicable for Perth Scorchers BBL home games only and does not apply in connection with a no result in away matches, any Big Bash Finals matches, WBBL matches or Sheffield Shield matches.

12. Entry to Matches & Membership Behaviour

Entry to Big Bash League and Sheffield Shield matches and continued attendance at those matches is governed by Cricket Australia’s Conditions of Ticket Purchase, Entry to a Venue and Attendance at a Match Policy, which can be found, as well as terms and conditions of ticket purchase of the relevant ticket agency and any terms and conditions of entry of the relevant venue owner, manager or hirer. Attendees must also abide by the ICC and Cricket Australia’s (Policy Statement on Inappropriate Conduct,) and any other terms and conditions of entry and attendance of the ICC and Cricket Australia. When entering and attending a KFC Big Bash match or Sheffield Shield match, you agree to abide by the conditions outlined in all the policies, terms and conditions and policy statements and that you can be refused entry or removed from a venue due to failure to comply with any of these policies, terms and conditions and policy statements.  You agree that Perth Scorchers can cancel your Membership at any time if you fail to comply with any of these policies, terms and conditions and policy statements.

Offensive or aggressive behaviour is not tolerated at any matches and may result in the imposition of penalties including the cancellation of Membership. This includes, but is not limited to, swearing, yelling, intimidation, aggressive, abusive or threatening behaviour towards players, staff, event staff, or other supporters and Memberships, including, but not limited to, at matches, Perth Scorchers events, over the phone, on any social media, by email or in person.

13. Promotional Codes

Promotional codes may be made available to specific groups throughout the year to access discounted Memberships. These codes will be supplied to specific individuals or groups, and should not be passed on to anyone.

14. GST & Payments

Except where stated otherwise, all Membership prices are inclusive of GST.

All prices displayed are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

15. Lost or Stolen Membership Cards, Tickets & eTickets

Perth Scorchers will not accept any responsibility for Membership cards or e-ticket/s that have been lost. Lost Membership cards or e-ticket/s can be reported to and will incur a replacement fee. Members who have their Membership card or e-ticket/s stolen or destroyed may be required to supply Perth Scorchers with a statutory declaration to that effect. Replacement cards or e-ticket/s cannot be issued on the day of a match or event.

16. Membership Fulfilment

Membership pack items are not guaranteed and are provided on a ‘while stocks last’ basis. While Perth Scorchers will endeavour to provide all package items to Members, if stock runs out, some items might not be included in the Membership packs. Perth Scorchers will endeavour to provide comparable or alternative items.

17. Stadium Redevelopments

Perth Scorchers is not obliged to notify Memberships of any proposed redevelopment that may impact upon Members’ season seating. Should Optus Stadium or any other venue be undergoing redevelopment, availability and access to season seating may be reduced and Perth Scorchers will not be liable for any loss caused by or claim relating to such reductions.

Perth Scorchers reserves the right to reclaim seating during a redevelopment as required. In such instances Perth Scorchers would endeavour to relocate/offer alternative seating (subject to availability) to affected Members at its discretion and without any liability to do so.

18. Amendment of the Terms and Conditions

Perth Scorchers may vary these terms and conditions at any time in its discretion.

Perth Scorchers will give notice of any amendments to these terms and conditions by:

  • Email to the email address which you notified us of on the registration page or in any subsequent communication we receive from you updating your contact details; or
  • Posting the revised terms and conditions on and

Your continued registration as a Member of Perth Scorchers after such notifications above will constitute acceptance by you of any amendments to the terms and conditions.

19. Indemnity

To the full extent permitted by law, you indemnify and will keep indemnified Cricket Australia, State Associations, Perth Scorchers and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, and corporate partners from and against all costs, losses, damages, or expenses arising out of or connected in any way from your registration as a Member of Perth Scorchers.

To the full extent permitted by law, all warranties, conditions and representations about Perth Scorchers or the products and services advertised, offered to be provided or provided to Perth Scorchers, are excluded. If a term is implied by law into these terms and conditions and the law prohibits provisions in a contract excluding or modifying liability under that term, then it shall be included in these terms and conditions. However, liability for a breach of such term will be limited, at Perth Scorchers sole option, to one or more of the following:

In relation to goods:

  • The replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods;
  • The repair of such goods;
  • The payment of the cost of replacing the goods or acquiring equivalent goods; or
  • Payment of the cost of having the goods repaired,

Or in relation to services:

  • The supply of the services again; or
  • The payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

20. Technological Issues

Perth Scorchers is not responsible for any infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of Perth Scorchers, including those that cause the delay or non-delivery of emails to and from Perth Scorchers. Perth Scorchers reserves the right to disqualify any individual who tampers with the registration process and to cancel his or her Membership of Perth Scorchers.

21. General

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Western Australia. Each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of courts exercising jurisdiction there in connection with matters concerning these terms and conditions.

No failure to exercise or delay in exercising any right, power or remedy by Perth Scorchers under these terms and conditions operates as a waiver of that right, power or remedy by Perth Scorchers.

Any clause or provision of these terms and conditions that is prohibited or unenforceable in any jurisdiction is ineffective as to that jurisdiction solely to the extent of the prohibition or unenforceability. That does not invalidate the remaining clauses or provisions of these terms and conditions or affect the validity or enforceability of that clause or provision in any other jurisdiction.

22. Further Information

For further information or clarification on Perth Scorchers Membership, please visit or call 08 9265 7279.